OASIS is the first of its kind in British Columbia

A new model of care

Before OASIS, people with osteoarthritis did not have one service that could help to coordinate their care. People with osteoarthritis and their health care providers were unsure about where to find the most current information, programs and services for managing osteoarthritis.  Although services were available for people after they had surgery, there was very little information about preventing osteoarthritis, managing osteoarthritis conservatively and preparing for joint replacement surgery.

OASIS was developed to meet the unique needs of patients, families and health care providers dealing with osteoarthritis by providing information about:

  • Self-management
  • Prevention
  • Alternatives to surgery
  • Preparing for surgery

OASIS also provides access to:

  • Resources and support services
  • Services for people who do not speak English
  • Services for people dealing with multiple health concerns
OASIS saw its first client in 2006

The first OASIS clinic opened in September 2006 to referrals from a small number of family doctors and surgeons.  Tools and processes were tested over the following year and the clinic expanded to include referrals from family doctors, rheumatologists and surgeons in September 2007.  OASIS has grown from its first clinic in Vancouver to its present 3 locations in Vancouver, Richmond and the North Shore.