Joint Protection

Ways to do everyday activities without adding extra stress to your joints

Changing the way that you do everyday activities can help to reduce the amount of stress that you put through your joints.  Consider the following:

Avoid repetitive tasksDon't spend a long time in the same position. Take many breaks and alternate activities.

Use larger muscle groups to perform activitiesUse the stronger muscles of your legs rather than the weaker arm muscles when doing activities such as vacuuming.  Push or pull your groceries in a cart instead of carrying them.  Use levers and built-up handles to reduce the force on smaller hand / wrist joints and muscles.

Use helping aidsUse a cane, walker or nordic walking poles to reduce the stress on your joints while staying active.  A reaching aid can be helpful for reducing bending and squatting when gettting objects from lower surfaces.  In the bathroom, use grab bars, shower seats and raised toilet seats in bathrooms to conserve energy and avoid falls.

Learn how to use a cane and grab bars in the bathroom:

Avoid low chairs and seatsSit on higher surfaces whenever possible.  Build up the height of chairs with a firm foam cushion and use armrests to help you get in and out of chairs.

Get a good night's sleep Use a supportive mattress and sleep well to keep energy levels high and give your joints a much-needed rest.

Get more joint protection strategies:

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