Class Descriptions

Classes are taught by an OASIS Educator - a Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Dietitian or Registered Nurse.

Core Classes

Managing Hip & Knee Osteoarthritis 

Learn about osteoarthritis in these commonly affected joints, ways of managing your osteoarthritis without surgery and what happens if you need joint replacement surgery.

Arthritis & Exercise

Learn about the benefits of exercise, the types of exercises you can do to suppport your joints, and signs that you are doing too much.

Nutrition & Supplements 

Learn about the impact of diet on arthritis, nutrients and supplements that can help and strategies for healthy eating.

Pain Management

Learn evidence-based strategies to manage arthritic pain so that you can exercise, rest and have a function-centred life.

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Hand Arthritis / Foot Arthritis / Shoulder Arthritis / Spine Osteoarthritis 

Classes for each of these joints focus on specific strategies for management, including joint protection, exercise and pain management. 

Mindful Eating for Better Health, Part 1 & 2

Do you struggle with behaviours, thoughts or emotions that affect your eating?  Learn how to improve what you eat by changing your relationship with food and eating.

NEW! Basic Hip and Knee Exercises - Practical Session 

A practical session to learn and practice basic exercises for hip and knee joint movement and strength. Learn about the importance of joint alignment for these exercises, as well as during your daily movements. A great foundation to get you started with a home exercise program, or prior to joining a community-based hip and knee exercise class. Attendance at our "Exercise and Arthritis" class (virtually or in-person) is a prerequisite for this class.

Pole Walking for Arthritis 

Learn about all of the benefits of using poles while walking and practice the correct technique to support your joints. We have plenty of poles available to borrow for the session, but feel free to bring your own if you have them!

Sleep & Stress Management 

Learn about the health benefits of sleep, the relationship between sleep and stress, and strategies for improving your sleep and managing your stress. 

Curious about Cannabis

Learn how and why cannabis can help with pain, and how to access cannabis for medical purposes

Working from Home with Arthritis - Ergonomic Tips

Learn ways to set up your workstation when you have arthritis, and how you can improve your workstation and work habits to minimize your risk of injury.

Beverages - What are you Drinking?

Learn about the healthiness of your beverage choices, how much you should be drinking, and what beverages are good or bad for arthritis. 

Introduction to Meditation

Interested in learning meditation skills to help manage pain and stress?  This information and practice session will get you started on your wellness path!  (Recommended pre-requisite: Pain Management and/or Sleep & Stress Management)

Ask Anything - small group meetings (Recommended after attending at least one other OASIS session)

Interactive small group sessions with a goal to answer your questions and have conversations about osteoarthritis and self-management. Come ready to participate in the group discussion!