Our Clinics

Assessments for people with osteoarthritis

At the OASIS clinics our team, including physiotherapists, occupational therapists or nurses, will assess your condition and help you to identify goals to manage your osteoarthritis.

After the appointment you will receive a personalized Action Plan outlining recommendations for treatment, follow up and referrals to support services and community programs.

We will work with you and your family doctor to carry out the recommendations of your Action Plan.

If you are a candidate for surgery, OASIS will assist your family doctor in referring you to a surgeon.

Who is eligible?You can attend OASIS if you have osteoarthritis of the hip, knee, ankle, foot, wrist or hand.

Your osteoarthritis does not have to be severe in order to attend OASIS. Our clients range from those with early osteoarthritis to those with more severe osteoarthritis.

Is there a cost for the OASIS clinic?OASIS is a publically funded program and assessments are provided free of charge.

How do I access the clinic?You will need a referral from your family doctor, surgeon or rheumatologist using the referral form below:

What happens after I have been referred to the OASIS clinic?Visit the What to Expect page to learn what happens next and how to prepare for your appointment.

What services do we provide for referring doctors?Read the What Referring Doctors Can Expect page to learn more about how OASIS takes on many of the administrative and education tasks to support people with osteoarthritis so that physicians can focus on client care.

Where are the OASIS clinics located?Visit the Contact Us page for more information.