What Referring Drs Can Expect

Working together with OASIS

OASIS is an assessment and referral program that works with physicians and other health care providers to improve the quality of life and health outcomes for people with osteoarthritis.

Primary care physicians, rheumatologists, surgeons and other health care providers helped develop the OASIS program and continue to be involved today.
How does OASIS benefit physicians?OASIS assumes many of the administrative and education tasks necessary to support people with osteoarthritis so physicians can focus on client care.

  • OASIS provides primary care physicians with a comprehensive interdisciplinary assessment report for their patient and assists with coordination of action plans.
  • OASIS screens patients before they are assessed by a surgeon, provides the surgeon with a comprehensive assessment report and provides the patient with education to prepare for surgery.
Surgeons will find they spend less time completing forms and more time assessing appropriate surgical candidates.

What can primary care physicians expect from OASIS?OASIS will keep primary care physicians informed of every step of their patient’s journey by:

  • Informing you of patient appointments
  • Providing assessment reports and action plans
  • Calling you if our clinicians have immediate concerns
  • Letting you know of surgical consultation requests,
  • Notifying you when patients attend education sessions – both primary and surgical preparation
  • Sending reminders for patient follow-up with OASIS

Who does OASIS partner with? We work with physicians, health care providers and independent organizations to identify and fill gaps in care and develop services to meet the needs of people with osteoarthritis.

We also share program information, including lessons learned, through site visits, teleconferences, presentations and hosting education sessions for physicians and health providers.

Visit the Partners page to learn more about partnership opportunities.