What to Expect

Prepare for your OASIS visit

This page provides information on what you can expect after you have been referred to the OASIS clinic.

What happens after I am referred to OASIS? You will receive a phone call from our office. We will schedule an assessment appointment for you at the OASIS clinic of your choice.  You may need to go for an x-ray before your assessment appointment if you have not had an xray within the last year.

    How long is the assessment appointment?Your appointment may take up to 1 or 1 ½ hours.How can I prepare for the appointment?In order to get the most out of your OASIS appointment, please complete the client section of the assessment tool below and bring it to your appointment:

    What if English is not my first language?If you have problems speaking or understanding English, please ask someone you trust to translate for you or ask us to book a translator before your appointment.