Considering hip or knee replacement surgery

Many people think that surgery is the only treatment for osteoarthritis.

But surgery isn’t right for everyone.

Is surgery right for you?Ask yourself these questions to find out if surgery is something you should consider:

  • Is your osteoarthritis stopping you from enjoying daily activities?
  • Do you feel depressed or isolated because of pain or the loss of independence?
  • Are you unable to control your pain with medications or other methods, like applying heat or ice?
  • Are you ready to prepare for surgery by exercising, losing weight, and protecting your joints?
  • Are you committed to your own recovery? Will you follow your physiotherapists’ advice about taking care of your new joints and give yourself time to recover?

Talk to your doctor, surgeon, rheumatologist, and/or OASIS care team about the risks and benefits of surgery and to find out if surgery is right for you.
Benefits of surgerySurgery can help you get back to the everyday activities you once enjoyed. Many people say that after surgery they are finally able to sleep without medication and move without pain.

Risks of surgery

Many of the surgeries used to treat osteoarthritis are safe and widely used. But there are always risks.

Your surgeon will consider these risks and your health history before deciding if you should have surgery. Talk to your surgeon about your individual risks and the steps that can be taken to reduce them.

Preparing for surgery

Preparing for surgery will help you to get the most out of your procedure.

Visit the Prepare for Surgery page to learn more.

After surgery

After surgery, you will need to dedicate yourself to your rehabilitation and learn about how to protect your new joint.

Visit the After Surgery page to learn more.