Make your recovery easier by preparing early

Your hospital stay after surgery will be short, so it is important to prepare your home and get any necessary equipment before the surgery date.  This will make it much easier for you to recover at home while protecting your new joint.

Set up your home before you go for surgery

Move any items that could make you trip (e.g. area rugs, cords) as you move through your home with your walking aid.  Ensure that your stairs have railings.  Prepare your meals in advance; stock up on instant, easy-to-prepare food, or arrange for meal delivery.

Any surface that you sit on needs to be 2" above the height of your knee

For people having knee surgery, a higher surface makes it easier for you to get up and down. For people having hip surgery, sitting on a higher surface is essential for maintaining your hip precautions.  Read more about hip precautions after hip surgery.

Set up a chair with armrests and raise the surface height with a high-density foam cushion. Raise your bed with blocks or place an extra mattress on top .

What equipment do I need for my home?

  • 4-inch raised toilet seat (with or without armrests)
  • Tub transfer bench or shower chair
  • Non-slip bathmat

What equipment do I need for the hospital?

  • 2-wheel walker (NO 4-wheel walkers)
  • Crutches
  • Long-handled shoe horn
  • Long-handled reacher
  • Sock aid
  • Extra-firm cushion (4” x 16” x 18”) for the drive home

View a list of equipment required for surgery: 

Some surgeons ask that you purchase an ice machine, or cryotherapy unit, to use after surgery.  Learn more about icing after surgery here: 

Where do I get the equipment?

You can purchase or rent the equipment from medical supply stores.  In cases of financial need, you can borrow equipment from the Red Cross for a period of 3 months with a signed equipment form, which you will receive close to your surgical date.

Visit the Red Cross website to find a location.

View a list of medical supply companies in the Lower Mainland: